In 2010 the Greenland National Gallery of Art launched an invited design competition amongst six Nordic architects – one representing each of the Nordic Council countries. The vision was in Tuusi Josef Motzfeldt’s own words to “. . . develop the Greenlandic national identity through art and culture. Our dream is an institution that stimulates our curiosity, awakens our excitement with its thought-provoking design and where we all feel at home.” Thus our proposal for the Greenland National Gallery of Art seeks the unique opportunity to formulate a vernacular Greenlandic artistic and architectural expression, becoming a symbol of the contemporary independent Greenland.

National Gallery of Art in Nuuk | BIG Kopenhagen

The new museum will combine the art history of Greenland and contemporary art in one dynamic institution communicating the continuous project of documenting and developing the Greenlandic national identity through art and culture. Greenland National Gallery of Art is placed as an abstract form in the landscape forming a piece of land art. Reminiscent of a glacier, the sculptural form lies between the perfect geometry and its topography. The winning proposal is still moving towards realization as the Parliament in Greenland has approved its budget and operating costs. The siting may change but the concept is adaptable and will no doubt provide all Greenlanders and guests from all social layers the chance to feel welcome in kamik boots or sandals to take time out for a focused visit or simply grab a spontaneous coffee and relax overlooking the fjord and sculpture garden.

Kai-Uwe Bergmann | BIG, Kopenhagen

Kai-Uwe Bergmann | © Flemming Leitorp –